Soon you will be able to buy masks with Town of Huntsville branding on it with proceeds going to benefit local youth mental health charities.

The idea was brought to council by Rylind Davis.

“I was contacted about a month ago by Rylind Davis,” Deputy Mayor Nancy Alcock told council. She said the idea was such a “cool proposal” and credited Davis for having the initiative to reach out.

Davis said he thought the idea up two months when the Deputy Premier Christine Elliott came to town and she along with Mayor Karin Terziano had Huntsville masks. “I was a little jealous,” he joked. That jealously turned into creativity when Davis and a friend thought up the idea to work with the town to create branded masks for everyone. “I know from my personal experience that COVID has taken a toll on my mental health,” Davis said. “I’m fortunate to have great friends and teachers that support, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.”

He suggested some of the profits from sales of the masks be donated to local youth mental health charities. “It’s important that the youth of our town know that the town knows that they’re there and haven’t forgotten them,” he said. “COVID may have come, but mental health doesn’t take a holiday.”

The idea was later approved by council. Mayor Terziano said some masks have already been purchased by town staff, but did not say when they will be available or where you could purchase them. Council approved the price of the masks as well: $10 each, with $2 of that being donated. 

Terziano also asked that Davis continue working with town staff to figure out which youth mental health charity the money will go to.

You can pick up a mask starting Monday, November 30th at Huntsville Town Hall.