With nearly $1 billion being invested into broadband, the District of Muskoka wants to put the region in a good position to benefit from that boost.

The Muskoka Economic Recovery Task Force (MERTF) is already in the process of working with partners to take advantage of the multiple broadband funding programs coming up federally and provincially. To start, they are doing speed testing and gap analysis. The METRF is asking residents to take an internet service survey available on Engage Muskoka’s website

“Speed testing is an important data point to help planners understand and profile the District’s broadband capability,” said MERTF Lead David Sword. “Speed test data can also help further any future applications for broadband funding assistance from the Federal and Provincial Governments.”

“The District recognizes that access to broadband is an essential service for our area as it enables local communities to develop, attract, retain and expand job-creating businesses,” said District Chair John Klinck.  “We also must ensure that all Muskoka families have access to high-quality, affordable internet service to meet their children’s online learning and training needs.”

Anyone taking the survey is encouraged to take it multiple times throughout the day to get a good gauge of how their internet quality gets better or worse as the days goes on.