Muskoka is seeing its first case of COVID-19 in a week.

The latest case is in a Huntsville woman over the age of 80 with the cause still under investigation.

That puts the total case count for the District of Muskoka to 83, with 79 recoveries, 1 hospitalization, 1 death and two cases classified as ‘other’.

According to the Health Unit, ‘other’ essentially means the cases in question were lost during follow-up – meaning the cases in question cannot currently be located by the Health Unit.

This also includes any cases that were investigated by the health unit but left Ontario before a final status was obtained.

The latest case count update also shows Simcoe-Muskoka has surpassed 1600 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with a total of 1604.

1,378 of those cases are recovered, 8 are in hospital, 50 have passed away and 168 are being classified as ‘other’.

To view the Health Unit’s case-explorer, head here.