Five years after launching Bracebridge Transit, town council is looking to prepare for the next five years.

A survey has been launched by town council to look for the community’s input on Bracebridge Transit and Mobility. 

Transit was launched in 2016, with Mobility following in early 2017. “Bracebridge council has been committed to providing a public transit system to allow folks to have greater mobility in our community,” Bracebridge’s Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney tells the newsroom. “Transit over the past four years has proved to be a valuable community asset.”

“We recognize that our service is growing,” Maloney says. “Our approach was crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.”

The survey will take around 20 minutes and will ask questions on the future of the system, like if there’s a need to expand it. “We want to make sure our system remains viable,” Maloney says. The initial route that was set-up takes people to the “major spots” in Bracebridge like shopping centres and banks. “Is there a way we can a transit service that meets people’s needs in other parts of Bracebridge,” Maloney asks.

The survey will be open to take until November 20th. Maloney says this is an opportunity to get insight on rider experience and what might attract them to using the bus if they don’t already.