The Salvation Army is running a food drive in Bracebridge and have a bigger need than ever.

“Usually we have our firefighters, paramedics going out door-to-door,” the local Salvation Army’s Leftenant and Community Ministries Officer Kam Robinson says. Instead of packing their local base with volunteers, Robinson says they’re asking residents to drop by their headquarters in Bracebridge at 456 Manitoba Street and “pop your truck” so the volunteers on hand can pick up your donation. “All as you’re staying safe in your vehicle,” she says.

There will be a handful of firefighters from the area on-hand to direct traffic and entertain kids that stop by with their families.

“We need food donations,” Robinson says of the need. Non-perishable is the best, but fresh produce is being taken. “But that has a short shelf-life,” she says, adding that Canada Food Banks does allow them to hand out some food that just passed its expiration date, the timeline is “very short.” 

Canned vegetables, fruit and protein are what’s most needed. Cereal is another item on the list. Robinson suggests dropping off school snacks as well. “Things that can get (students) through the day,” she says.

While pasta is always popular, Robinson says it’s not a need right now.

“Make it a family thing,” she suggests. If you have kids, take your them to the grocery store and tell them you’re shopping for the food drive and have them each pick one item to donate. “They can see what a good neighbour is all about and how the community comes together,” she says. “It encourages every to come together.”

The food drive in Bracebridge is happening on November 18th at 7 PM at the Salvation Army’s office at 456 Manitoba Street.