Trick or treaters in Huntsville are in for a scare thanks to a pair of neighbouring families.

For the last eight years, the Haunters Bay Drive Haunted House has been providing trick or treaters with everything from thrills and chills, to ghouls, zombies, clowns, spiders and all other sorts of creepy-crawlies.

Steven and Jennifer Spencer started the tradition in order to display their love for all things Halloween.

About four years ago, their neighbours, the MacKinnon’s – who share a similar passion for all things scary, decided to join the fun.

Jen MacKinnon says ever since they met the Spencer’s it’s been a match made in Halloween heaven.

“When we moved in, I walked over and asked them if they did Halloween and they just lit up and said ‘we ARE Halloween’. So, we just hopped on board and altogether built this amazing haunted house and the displays. Just to bring people happiness over the years has been amazing.”

The attraction received the green light and support from not only the town of Huntsville by from local police as well.

It spreads inside and outside the houses located at 280 and 288 Hunters Bay Drive.

The two home display features motorized displays, tombstones, monsters, lasers and spooky lighting.

It also features ‘The Fear Shack’ – an attraction for younger trick-or-treaters – which MacKinnon and her husband constructed from scratch.

“You walk through this huge church made out of pallets and you walk right through that down this wicked hallway that’s all decorated,” Mackinnon said. “There are real jump scares, with people all wearing masks of course as per COVID precautions. It’s going to be incredible. We’ve got hanging dead bodies and all kinds of neat stuff. Most of it is also wheelchair and stroller accessible.”

If you want to check out the Haunted attraction before Halloween, it will be lit up every evening around 6 p.m.

MacKinnon says with the uncertainty of COVID-19 – they’ve been very careful to implement health and safety measures.

She says they will have volunteers ensuring physical distance and they’ll be offering contact tracing to anyone who comes through.

“Masks are required for everybody. We do have some masks available but we’re hoping people can bring their own. We will have hand sanitizer, everyone working in the house and going inside it will have some of that. Even the jump scares are set to be around 10 feet apart from each other.”

Anyone who is looking to get into the Halloween spirit but isn’t looking to hand out candy themselves due to COVID can drop candy or donations off to the Spencers or MacKinnons.

They will be making sure each trick-or-treater has a Halloween they will never forget.

To find out more details – head to Haunters Bay Drive’s Facebook page.