Gravenhurst council has updated its business licensing by-laws. 

Previously, a taxi licensing program was included in that, but council has approved a staff motion to remove it. 

A review of their business licensing by-laws was done in 2019 and the main recommendations included reducing restrictions and barriers for businesses, but also keeping the municipality’s safety and best interests in mind. As part of that, it’s recommended that the taxi licensing program be discontinued.

Council approved that motion meaning that drivers of shared vehicles will not need to get a specific municipal license. Clerk Kayla Thibeault clarified that this change will not affect Uber potentially expanding into Gravenhurst. “There would be nothing at town hall that would be a barrier for uber coming to Gravenhurst,” she said.

In the report submitted to council, it’s estimated that the town of Gravenhurst will lose around $7,000 because of this change. 

The changes to the by-law will come into effect on January 1st, 2021.