More relief funding is on its way to frontline organizations across the District.

On Wednesday, United Way of Simcoe Muskoka announced more than $850,000 in funding will be going to support local agencies and frontline service providers.

The funding is part of the $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund announced earlier this year and stems from a collaboration between the Canadian Red Cross, Community Foundations of Canada and United Ways across the country.

Marketing and Communications Specialist with United Way of Simcoe Muskoka Douglas Landsborough says this funding goes a long way to helping struggling charities and non-profits.

“This is a very necessary injection for a lot of these organizations that provide very critical services throughout this pandemic,” Landsborough said. “So, it’s not only the organizations that will benefit from this but ultimately it’s the people who are using these services and rely on these services every day.”

It’s the second phase of the ECSF after the first saw $2 million go to more than 125 programs and services across Simcoe Muskoka.

Landsborough says phase two of the fund ensures critical resources and services will be available for residents when they need them most.

“The ECSF was specifically put in place to help charities and frontline organizations adapt their services and prepare to offer those services to people who have been impacted by COVID-19, or to continue them in lieu of COVID – where they couldn’t offer them before,” Landsborough said.

Despite an increased need for social services and charities, frontline organizations are struggling to fundraise while assisting those in need.

The ECSF helps to ease that burden so help can be delivered effectively in the new circumstances we find ourselves in during this pandemic. 

“We’re happy to offer this relief to organizations, especially in Simcoe Muskoka,” Landsborough said. “We have a lot of smaller organizations that wouldn’t be able to go out and get the funding on their own – especially during a pandemic. So, we’re really happy we can help bolster our community and the services our residents rely on.”

Landsborough adds all three organizations – United Way, Red Cross and the Community Foundations of Canada all have different criteria for organizations that are eligible for a portion of the funding.

Eligible organizations are asked to submit an application by October 30 and more information can be found here.