Christmas may feel different this year, but the Rotary Club of North Muskoka is doing what they can to make sure it feels special. 

The Rotary Club has to cancel this year’s Santa Claus Parade. In its place, Santa will “Light up the Night” in Huntsville. The contest/tour will be done between Novar and Port Sydney. “Our hope is that homes and businesses and streets that are interested will sign up to be apart of the tour,” President of the Rotary Club of North Muskoka Cara Schiedel tells the newsroom. 

The tour will happen between November 20th and 27th with a map of where people need to go being posted on the Rotary Club’s Facebook page. On the last day, Schiedel says Santa will join them for a virtual event at 7 PM. Details still have to be worked out for that event, but she does say awards will be handed out to those that set-up displays for the contest.

“Our main goal was to have something fun and festive to bring the community together,” Schiedel says. Usually, that’s done by the Santa Claus Parade, but with it being cancelled the team at the Rotary Club felt an alternative was needed. “We hope that businesses and people that would be apart of the parade will showcase themselves in this different format,” she says.

If you want to take part, send an email to the Rotary Club at