Even though Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) trails aren’t open yet, this week is Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week. Spokesperson for the federation, Craig Nicholson explains what it’s for.

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Nicholson says getting ready for the season takes time and isn’t something that should be done the night before. He explains the things you can be doing to make sure you’re ready.

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Nicholson says they haven’t started grooming trails because water on swamps aren’t frozen and neither is the ground. He explains the best thing for the trails right now would be if all the snow melted and there are a couple of weeks of freezing temperatures so the ground could freeze before more snow falls.

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This week is also the last week you can get a discount on trail permits for the season. To buy a trail pass, or for trail information, go to the OFSC website.