Residents are being reminded that they should only go to COVID-19 Assessment Centres if they are showing symptoms.

With the introduction of pharmacy testing, the Ministry of Health announced a COVID-19 Testing Guidance Update to prioritize those at greater risk, while shifting away from asymptomatic testing.

As a result, the Algonquin Family Health Team is reminding you to only attend Assessment Centres if they’re showing symptoms or if they have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus.

In addition, if you are a resident or worker in a setting that has a COVID-19 outbreak.

Algonquin Family Health Team says Ontario Health will continue to notify Assessment Centres of any targeted testing.

On Friday, testing begins for COVID-19 at up to 60 pharmacies in Ontario – including Huntsville – if you are not showing symptoms and are part of a vulnerable population.

Vulnerable populations include residents or workers in an at-risk setting such as a long-term care home, homeless shelter or other congregate setting.

The health team also asks that your specific Assessment Centre refer people who are asymptomatic, and who fall within those criteria of testing, to the Ministry of Health’s website.