We could be seeing the start of our second wave of COVID-19 within Muskoka.

In an update Thursday, Medical Officer of Health for the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit explained that the recent surge of cases we’ve seen in the district could be indicative that the second wave may have already begun.

This after Muskoka had 10 cases in a single day on Wednesday – for a total of 22 for September.

“It’s a reasonable conclusion to draw that we are in a second wave,” Gardner said. “How big this second wave will become has yet to be seen and we need to do all we can to flatten this curve again but it certainly is bigger than the small surges we saw over the summer.”

While no new cases were officially reported on Thursday, Gardner notes the record surge in September is rather alarming.

He explains that because the virus is seemingly circulating freely, the potential for infection is increasing and as a result, people need to abide by health practices now more than ever.

“Physical distancing, face-covering when in indoor public settings or where you cannot physically distance, hand hygiene, self-monitoring, self-isolating and testing if you do have symptoms,” Gardner added. “To me, seeing this happen in Muskoka is evidence that it’s establishing transmission within the Muskoka communities.”

There have now been 842 cases in Simcoe-Muskoka as of Thursday, with 714 recovered and 38 deaths.

The number of cases in the District remains at 57, with 38 recovered and one death.

Gardner says given the age range of most of these cases – the infections seem to be occurring predominantly in family settings.

“We’re not going to address this well by judging those who’ve been unfortunate enough to get this infection because it could just as easily happen to any of us,” Gardner noted. “We all need to exercise these precautions together both to protect ourselves and our communities.”

To view the COVID-19 case map for Simcoe Muskoka, head here.