A primary caregiver waitlist website is being launched throughout Muskoka.

On Friday, the Cottage Country Family Health Team announced its plan to launch the website – which is an integrated system that allows those looking for a caregiver to identify a preferred geographic area and define the number of family members requiring care. 

The project is led by Dr. Adam MacLennan who describes it as a twofold endeavour.

“Firstly, it allows for a single, unified waitlist across multiple clinics throughout South Muskoka. This helps greatly in streamlining the efforts of those looking to secure a primary caregiver,” MacLennan said. “Secondly, the system will allow us to more accurately gauge the demand for caregivers in Muskoka as it relates to attracting doctors and caregivers to the area.” 

MacLennan worked extensively with the design and development team at Gravenhurst’s Allair Media Inc., led by project manager Tyler Allair.

Allair says great care and attention have been given to ensure the ease of the system.

“From a user’s perspective, one can easily get their name and the minimum relevant details onto the waitlist in under two minutes,” Allair said. “That same ease of use follows through to the administrative side of the system, where extensive reporting functionalities allow system administrators to easily access an up-to-date list of patients seeking care and filter it against the patients’ specific geographic preferences and practitioners accepting patients in those areas. This provides an important service for the people of South Muskoka and our team is proud to have collaborated in this initiative.”

The development of the online waitlist website was a collaboration between the town of Gravenhurst, the town of Bracebridge, and the Cottage Country Family Health Team.

The system goes live on September 25, and you can head here to learn more.