A hundred artists will be paying homage to the iconic Group of Seven painters in celebration of the groups’ 100th anniversary.

To mark the milestone, Muskoka’s Explorers’ Edge will be posting artwork from these painters throughout the region as well as in Algonquin Park and Parry Sound.

In a press release, Executive Director of Explorers’ Edge, James Murphy says these areas are where Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven spent a lot of their time – painting the beautiful landscapes that make up the region.

“While we recognize their immense achievements, their international renown, and their incredible influence on generations of painters who were to follow, we felt there was an opportunity to also recognize so many truly talented painters who continue to paint these legendary landscapes today,” Murphy said.

Back in August, Explorers’ Edge began its “100 Painters to Celebrate The 100th” campaign, posting a painting daily to its Facebook page to celebrate the living artist, as well as the legacy of the Group of Seven.

Each post also includes details about the artist and his or her approach to painting.

There’s been a lot of positive feedback on the page, with many leaving comments about how brilliant the artists are.

Murphy says that tourism in their industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and the arts have likely been hit hardest.

“The ‘100 Painters to Celebrate The 100th’ campaign will hopefully help to recognize the amazing talent of these artists while reminding visitors and residents just how special this particular region has always been for generations of painters,” he said.

To see the paintings, head here.