GRAVENHURST, ON-Gravenhurst is reminding the public to be respectful of outdoor spaces.

With a warm weekend in the forecast, the Town notes that many people are likely considering heading to a beach or public park.

While enjoying the outdoors is encouraged, these areas must be respected for the safety of everyone, as there are certain COVID-19 guidelines in place.

“We certainly want people to enjoy Gravenhurst and the beautiful beaches that we have to offer, but it is important in the midst of a pandemic that those using these amenities are feeling well, continuing to practise safe physical distancing, are sanitizing their hands regularly, obeying general park rules, and respecting public property,” said Mayor Paul Kelly.

If misuse or non-compliance continues, the town warns it may lead to the closing of beaches, parks and public spaces in an effort to protect the community. 

“Our by-law team is conducting regular monitoring of our parks and beaches throughout the weekend to ensure we don’t get into situations of overcrowding. If a beach or park that you plan on enjoying appears to be too busy, or you don’t feel you can properly distance yourself from others, we suggest you consider another option for another time.”

Offences such as the use of charcoal BBQs or open flames, public alcohol consumption, not keeping pets on leashes, illegally parking, and camping on beach or park grounds can be reported here or by calling 705-687-2230. 

These actions mentioned are prohibited and fines could be laid for infractions.

Meanwhile, all town public washrooms remain closed, but portable units have been set up at all beaches and parks. 

If you see any acts of vandalism or illegal activity, you can call OPP. 

If you have any questions or would like more info, visit the Town’s website.