GRAVENHURST, ON-Gravenhurst Against Poverty has partnered up with Kahshe Lake Ratepayer’s Association for a drive-in movie fundraising event. 

Set for September 2nd, “The Peanut Butter Falcon” will play at the Muskoka Drive-In Theatre in Gravenhurst; with all proceeds going to GAP to invest in a wellness centre concept. 

Chair of GAP Joanne Twist tells MyMuskokaNow the organization would like to set up a centre in which residents can go and seek the help they need – be it mental health, addiction or others. 

“The goal of our mental health group for a long time is that we find a space in Gravenhurst that could operate as a drop-in meeting centre and a place for professionals to be guaranteed space anytime they wanted to meet with a client.”    

Twist notes there is a great need for a wellness centre in the community as there is no current location where people can regularly go to receive assistance, other than the women’s centre.

If you attend this fundraiser, each car will receive four tickets to take part in winning one of the door prizes – which include a grand prize of a golfing session at Muskoka Bay Resort.

Tickets cost $60 per car and can be purchased here.

For more info about the event, head to the drive-in website here.