Project SPEEDIER is one step closer to providing residents of Parry Sound with more reliable energy sources.

On Thursday, Bracebridge Generation announced significant progress to their innovative project which is set to assist Parry Sound in meeting its goals on becoming one of the first net-zero communities in Canada.

SPEEDIER will also demonstrate the ability to increase electricity reliability, defer costly upgrades, help speed the adoption of electrical vehicles and give residents greater control over how they use energy.

This project is led by Bracebridge Generation with support from the Town of Parry Sound and a $2.9-million investment from the Federal government.

COO of Lakeland Holding Ltd. Vince Kulchycki says they are excited to announce that the asset deployment stage of the project is fully underway.

“The construction includes the installation of a 500kW AC/648kW DC Solar Net Metering Solution and a 2.514 MWh Tesla Battery Energy Storage System located at the former landfill site, utilizing an area that would normally be left unused. All environmental studies are complete, and construction is projected to be complete late Fall 2020”.

In addition, Bracebridge Generation is working with Georgian College’s Research and Innovation department, to develop a Green House Gas Emission report specifically outlining the potential reduction of GHG Gas emissions by deploying these types of assets into communities like Parry Sound.

“We are supporting Bracebridge Generation efforts to make Parry Sound one of the first net-zero communities in Canada,” Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. Seamus O’Regan said in a press release. “Initiatives like this are helping more communities access clean, affordable transportation and power.”

Parry Sound Mayor Jamie McGarvey notes the town is very enthusiastic to be working with Bracebridge Generation to develop and implement the SPEEDIER project in Parry Sound.

“This project will demonstrate the viability of clean energy technologies in our communities, which is of the utmost importance given the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Canada is aiming to achieve a net-zero emissions future by 2050, and Parry Sound is honoured to be at the forefront of this ambitious undertaking.”

Working closely with other key community organizations and residents, the project will also see 50 Hot Water Tank controllers, 10 Tesla Powerwall batteries, and Level II and III Electric Vehicle Chargers installed.

These assets are also scheduled to be deployed this summer.

If you would like further information pertaining to project SPEEDIER and would like to know how you can get involved, head here.