BRACEBRIDGE, ON-Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith is speaking to the readiness of moving into the third phase of reopening. 

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, Smith noted when asked if he felt Bracebridge was ready to transition into phase three – that it comes to both the economic and health standpoints. 

Smith said that economically, he knows that many local businesses are hopeful that they can have some semblance of a normal summer, and this move gets the areas slightly closer to that by allowing a higher capacity of people to congregate.  

On the health aspect, Smith noted everyone is cognisant that we need to be cautious and continue to do our best in following all of the COVID-19 protocols and ensure that we do not go backwards instead of forwards. 

When asked if he felt that the Province was moving quickly in trying to push these phases as it has been less than a month since phase two was initiated, he said that he was not surprised by the announcement. 

“The Governments continued to take a regional approach to reopenings, and there are significant areas of the province that will not be going into phase three.”

Moving into the third phase, Smith said that town staff are taking news from the government and seeing how it might apply to the Town of Bracebridge. 

Moving forward, Smith confirmed that there would be more reopenings like the community pool and summer camps. 

He noted that this process could be difficult as it is easy to shut things down than reopening again.

“We are being careful to follow our own internal protocols and how we move through this. We are not trying to allow ourselves to be rushed by the announcement of the new phase.”    

Moving forward, Bracebridge council will be moving at their own pace and as carefully as possible.  

The new phase that is set to come into effect this Friday carries many features, and if you are interested in learning more, read our other story here.