Huntsville has unveiled a new SaveStation.

On Thursday, Mayor Karin Terziano was joined by Councillor Dan Armour, Deputy Fire Chief Gary Monahan, Deb Hennig of Action First Aid, and Dr. Lowell Greib of the SportLab unveiled the new SaveStation in Civic Square, just outside the Algonquin Theatre.

The new station will provide 24/7 lifesaving opportunities by making automated external defibrillation available for anyone to use in a cardiac emergency in the downtown core.

Proceeds from the Responders Run have provided the opportunity to donate the outdoor SaveStation Tower to the community.

The SaveStation community program places Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) into highly visible and easily recognizable SaveStations that are designed for public use.

The free-standing SaveStation Tower provides access in areas that otherwise have no AED coverage.

The Tower is marked for public use and is equipped with monitoring and alert technology.

More information is on the town’s website.