Huntsville will soon be home to its very own cannabis store.

The new shop, owned by the company Kasa Kana – is scheduled to open its doors next year at 6 King William Street, where the old Windmill Bakery once operated.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, co-owner of Kasa Kana, Aren Arkarakas says he’s always had a connection to Huntsville, and it’s been a dream of his and his brother Evan’s to open a shop here in town.

He says they are passionate about teaching people about cannabis culture as well as bringing people together.

“We felt like we could use our strengths to educate consumers in the Huntsville area. At the same time, we’ve been going to the cottage and boating our entire lives as kids. The lake means a lot to us, and we wanted to continue our summer experiences twelve months out of the year.”

Kasa Kana is opening its first location in Peterborough in August.

Meanwhile, the Huntsville store is set for early 2021, although a more defined date is expected to be announced closer to that time.

Arkarakas says when you enter their shops – you will be embarking on your own educational cannabis journey.

“We have a few different shopping experiences, and education is one of the major components of that experience. If you know absolutely nothing about cannabis, you are definitely coming to the right space. We are here to educate you and ensure you have a positive experience with cannabis.”

Arkarakas says while there have been some delays due to COVID-19 – everything has been flowing smoothly, and they feel optimistic about opening their doors on schedule.

He notes despite all this, they are absolutely ecstatic about their Huntsville location.

“We love the space, I mean we feel it is the true pinnacle of what a cannabis store should feel like. It felt as if it has that homely vibe to it. And at the same time, we loved the amount of parking and the ability to host different things outside our property.”

Arkarakas adds that once they are opened, they will be allocating a portion of their funds to their ‘Kasa Kares’ division – which will see money donated to charities within Muskoka and Peterborough.

If you’d like to learn more about Kasa Kana, you can head here.