Fire officials in Muskoka are reminding residents to be cautious with fireworks ahead of Canada Day.

With most towns and townships not hosting any large gatherings or having cancelled firework displays on July 1st, due to COVID-19, Muskoka Fire Departments are anticipating residents to set up their own displays.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, Mike Vadlja says one of the biggest mistakes they see people making is setting fireworks off in an unsafe area.

“You should keep displays away from trees and combustible items. It’s also important to have a good base for any fireworks you are using, like a pail or box filled with sand. You can bury fireworks into the ground to keep them sturdy and having a pail of water nearby.”

Even though fireworks typically burn out before they hit the ground – Vadlja notes that you have to be cognizant that accidents can happen.

He adds that it’s essential to know exactly what you’re doing, and the best way to do that is by following the given instructions.

“You should have a responsible person or a responsible adult lighting the fireworks and just adhering to instructions on the fireworks. That’s the biggest thing – things can get a little out of hand, and that’s when accidents happen.”

For more information on firework safety – you can refer to the province’s website.

To check out the fire danger rating in your community, contact your municipality.