The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board is being cautious with their return to school plan.

The government of Ontario laid out its proposed scenarios last Friday for what the upcoming school year might look like, and the SMCDSB has begun their planning to get students back to school safely.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, SMCDSB Chair Joe Zerdin says they are going to take their time to carefully review the scenarios before coming up with a concrete plan.

“We’d love everyone to just come back to school in September, but that’s not realistic. Maybe we can find a balance – two of the three scenarios provide a physical presence and interaction, but we have to make sure we can do that safely with both staff and students.”

The provincial government’s proposed scenarios include a typical school day routine – with enhanced health measures, a modified routine – where there would be a cap on students, and at-home learning should the school year be extended.

Zerdin says their next steps include board staff reviewing the scenarios to see what approach best suits SMCDSB.

“Our senior staff and operational people are assessing the three scenarios, seeing what can be facilitated or what’s required to facilitate those scenarios. What are the positives, what are the negatives, and then we’re obligated to report back to the Ministry by the middle of July.”

At this time, Zerdin asks families to be patient as they look to provide the best educational options possible.

If you’d like to view the plan laid out by the Minister of Education, head here.