It looks like school will be back in session for students in Muskoka for the next academic year.

With the government of Ontario laying out its proposed scenarios for what the upcoming school year might look like – Trillium Lakelands District School Board is ready to begin planning.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, Director of Education at TLDSB Larry Hope says he is very pleased with the province’s proposed plans for reopening schools.

Hope notes he was concerned the province might go with a ‘one size fits all’ approach to reopening, and he is glad this is not the case.

“We’ve been planning and thinking about what different scenarios might look like for about six weeks now, and we have a committee of administrators, superintendents and other folks working with us to help us map out what a return to school might look like.”

The provincial government’s proposed scenarios include a typical school day routine – with enhanced health measures, a modified routine – where there would be a cap on students, and at-home learning should the school year be extended.

In an ideal world, Hope says he’d like to see all schools in the District return to normal, but he knows that is unlikely.

“We will likely be looking at an in-person, in-class model. We just know we will not be permitted to have all of our students there all of the time. And that again is where the flexibility to make local plans that work for our communities.”

Hope says within the week, they’ll be looking at the different scenarios and deciding how they will differentiate between elementary and high school students.

Following this, he says they will be examining each school in the District to see what approach best suits them.

“Taking into consideration everything from transportation to siblings and making sure that we are managing things as best we can so that parents can also have a degree of consistency and predictability for what their days will look like.”

To view Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce’s plan for a safe reopening – head here.