Ontario SPCA Muskoka Animal Centre has launched a virtual campaign aimed at helping to stay active with your pets.

‘Sweat for Pets’ is a virtual fundraising campaign that seeks to get people of all ages having fun with weekly challenges – while raising funds in support of vulnerable animals.

The summer-long campaign by the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society looks to keep people fit through simple, fun, at home challenges involving their pets.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, Animal Centre Manager at the Muskoka Animal Centre, Jane McCamus says their goal for this campaign is to raise $12,000.

“We’re really hoping this event will help us get the community together, create a little bit of fun and excitement and give people some healthy things to do, healthy things to share with their friends and families and have some fun raising some funds for animals.”

Starting today, there will be 10 challenges over 10 weeks to raise funds for animals in need – which can be done with or without pets and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

McCamus says with all of their annual events being either cancelled or postponed – they’re losing out on vital revenue for around $25,000. 

“This event is replacing our ‘Friends For Life’ walk, which we held annually for many, many years. We won’t be doing that this year, so this event is a replacement, and ideally, we’d like to bring in the same amount of money that the walk did.”

The challenges can be done with or without pets and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

McCamus adds that challenges can be modified to match your interests.

“We’ve got a new challenge every week so, people can encourage their families, friends and coworkers to pledge their support, local businesses can give their support if they’d like and the challenges can be done with or without pets.”

To register or for more information, head here.