MUSKOKA, ON-To make sure everyone is ready for barbeque season, the Fire Department is offering tips to stay safe. 

Bracebridge Fire Prevention Officer Michael Peake told MyMuskokaNow that the best way to avoid dealing with fire hazards is to use your head and common sense.

Peake said one of the things they get called about the most is when people store their BBQs in their garages, not realizing that it will actually produce carbon monoxide which can be hazardous to breathe in and can make its way into the home. 

Peake also notes that keeping your BBQ away from vinyl siding and setting it up in an open area and away from any combustible materials and children is also an excellent way to avoid any accidents.  

When asked if the high temperatures will affect BBQing, Peake said that there should be no impact but people should keep their BBQ off the ground and away from any dead grass. 

If the fire should start to get out of control, Peake recommends you either keep a hose handy or if you are cooking with oil or grease, shut off the propane immediately and close the lid of the BBQ if you are able.