MUSKOKA, ON-The new hospice Andy’s House is getting ready before their planned opening in October. 

Executive Director of Hospice Muskoka Sandra Winspear told MyMuskokaNow that leading up to their eventual planned opening of October 1st, they have been experiencing a staffing crunch as long-term care staff has been in high demand with the pandemic. 

Winspear noted that one of the COVID-19 prevention measures issued out urged long-term care workers to only work at one institution. 

“It is because there are very few individuals in the trade right now, it became one of the primary reasons why we had to postpone our opening,” Winspear said. “We didn’t want to take anyone out of the working system that was needed where they were already located.”

When asked about their stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how much they have available, Winspear added that they established a list of necessary PPE they would like to acquire for their reopening. 

“We do have some suppliers at hand, and there is a grant that we are going to tap into to try and see if we can’t get some stock on hand for both our visiting and regular volunteers for when they are allowed to start doing face-to-face visits.”          

Winspear notes they are taking the necessary precautions whenever someone visits the house, including screening, disinfecting and physical distancing. 

Despite not having anyone living at the home, Hospice Muskoka is taking precautions to keep the space as sanitary as possible. 

With the government only covering about half the operating costs of the hospice, Winspear said that any donations that can be made would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in donating, visit the Hospice Muskoka site here.