“Stay tuned.”  That comes from Ontario Premier Doug Ford as he confirmed to Vista Radio he will announce early next week that the province will being to reopen regionally.  Calling it a “tale of two provinces” Ford said in an exclusive interview with Vista Radio that he thinks it’s not fair that people in rural communities be punished for big urban centres where the majority of the cases are, “We’re going to have great news, I believe on either Monday or Tuesday, and we’re going to expand the regional opening.”

Ford said the government has a panel that is representative of the province that puts a list together and forwards it to the Medical Officer of Health and his health table and they make the final decision. He says they have the final say, “They give us the yay or the nay and we move forward because when we open up we want to make sure it’s safe to open.”

Ford says the health table has realized there is a split in the province, the rural area versus the big urban centres, like Toronto and parts of Peel Region and that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel.”  When asked if that also meant that they would allow families to gather in groups larger than five, he said, “There is a whole host of items being rolled out on either Monday or Tuesday.” Ford says he believes people will be  “pleased.”