MUSKOKA, ON-The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has confirmed that the number of emerging COVID-19 cases in the region is on the decline.

Dr. Charles Gardner, Medical Officer of Health with the SMDHU, said they have been noticing an overall decline in the weekly cases of COVID-19. He noted that as of today, the region has had 28 cases pop up this week compared to the previous week, which saw about 40. 

The week before that had about 44, the week before that, there were 74 cases. “There is definitely a downward trend and its impact in our community,” said Gardner.

Gardner notes that this success is due to the community’s collective efforts to halt the spread and flatten the curve. With this downward trend, he is encouraging everyone to go get some free air but maintain their physical distancing and COVID-19 prevention measures. 

He is encouraging everyone to be smart and responsible during this time however, as if people become too lax, there will more than likely be a rise in cases.

Gardner hopes to get to a point where there are few enough cases where the health unit will be able to identify how the cases came in contact with the virus. 

He also mentioned that in this state of reopening public spaces, stores and amenities, he would like to keep a close eye on public venues as there is the potential for transmission if people are not careful.

There is a danger with the number fo cases going down, but Gardiner adds people need to realize the situation is not finished. “While the virus is circulating in the community, we know that the great majority of people are not going to be immune to it. It will come back if we are not careful.”