The District of Muskoka has released a statement in response to the long term care crisis happening across Ontario.

On Wednesday, District Chair John Klink spoke out regarding the recent troubling reports from the Canadian Armed Forces, regarding the state of conditions in long term care homes.

“Yesterday, the Canadian Armed Forces released a report documenting their findings on five Ontario Long-Term Care homes at which the military was assisting,” Klink said in the statement. “The specifics of these reports are extremely disturbing and upsetting.  Earlier this week, we also learned that the Province issued orders appointing local hospitals to temporarily manage multiple long-term care homes.”

Klinck notes the District is heartbroken for the individuals and families who have had to deal with these circumstances and are joining the call for an inquiry into the long-term care system and urgent reform. 

Meanwhile, Klinck adds they feel compelled as a municipal long-term care home provider to reassure residents, families and our dedicated staff that these recent reports and orders do not reflect the operations at the Pines Long-Term Care Home.

“Our primary goal remains to do everything possible to maintain the health and safety of our residents and staff at the Pines, and ensure we have every resource needed to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Klink said. “To date, there has not been a case of COVID-19 in either a resident or staff member.”

The District believes that part of the success we’ve collectively had to date is due to the fact that we have stayed ahead of the curve since the onset of the pandemic.

Klinck says the District’s team has consistently gone over and above provincial guidelines, working hard to put proactive measures in place.

“We will continue to do everything possible to deliver the best care for our residents and staff during these unprecedented circumstances. We know this is a worrying time for those with family members at the Pines, and for anyone with a loved one in long term care,” Klinck added. “Ensuring residents are treated with compassion and dignity is inherent to our approach to long-term care.”

Klinck is thanking staff members and health system partners for their continued dedication and hard work under challenging conditions over the past several months.